Landscapes of Memory

The focus of my work is the urban landscape and memory.
Every landscape is a memory, an experience that is remembered through a visual representation. We know landscapes and cities trapped in photographs or stories, but only few are part of a real experience. The landscape today is a representation, a print, a palimpsest. The shape of a modern building reminds us other shapes that are part of our visual culture (a pyramid, a column, an atrium, an arch, a cathedral, an obelisk, etc.) Mixed among other memories, the landscape is just another layer in our daily visual experience. The modern city is frequently product of an occupation, an intervention and sometimes of the destruction of the natural landscape. Most of my paintings are made of multiple layers that hide and reveal portions of natural or built landscapes as signs and fragments of memory that refuse to disappear, claiming a space in the city.
Urban installations are another important component of my artwork as well as the interaction with people in the city as part of my creative process. The city is rebuilt from multiple fragments of individual and collective memories that compete to rise to the surface of my cityscapes.